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home movies, slides & photos

Johnson PhotoImaging can transfer your home movies, slides, and photos onto DVDs or thumb drives. This is a great way to preserve your family's memories.

Video Tape to DVD or Thumb Drive

DVD is the best way to digitally store your family memories, providing superior quality and extended life from conventional videotapes. You can transfer UP to 120 minutes of video to one disc. PV Digital DVDs include an interactive menu system with multiple chapter marks.

  • Up to 120 minutes from any video source on a PV Digital DVD
  • Combine videos on one 2-hour DVD - First video tape is $34.95 - $9.95 for each additional source.
  • Customized full sleeve DVD display case.
  • There is a discount for additional DVD copies are if placed with the same order.  $19.95 for one extra copy - $14.95 each for up to 5 copies - Up to 10 copies $12.50 each.
  • Combine videos on to a thumb drive. $54.95 for the 1st video source and $9.95 for each additional source.
Video Transfer Services

Movie Film Transfer

  • Free background music of your choice
  • Free film repair (as needed)
  • Free titles (see limitations)
  • Free editing of unexposed film
  • Free fades, wipes, dissolves
  • Free film leader (if needed)
  • No charge for format changes (up to 4 per order)
  • PV Digital Technology

Movie Film, Slides, & Photo Transfers Pricing
$59.95 Minimum charge on all Transfer orders

  • PV Digital DVD $34.95 each or $54.95 to USB
  • Additional DVD copies are $19.95 for one extra copy - $14.95 each for up to 5 copies - Up to 10 copies $12.50 each.
  • 8mm, Super 8, & 16mm $0.24 per foot.
  • Slides (digitally scanned) $1.00 each There is a $30 minimum fee for slides.
  • Photos (digitally scanned) $99.99 for the first 300 and .25¢ for each additional. 2x3 to 8x10 prints size only.

Movie Film Transfer Information

Our technicians will clean, repair the damage, edit unexposed sections (5 sec. or more), and splice your movie film, Regular 8mm, Super 8, and 16mm films, onto a 400-foot projection reel. You can add titles (limit one every 200 ft.) and a musical background at no extra charge. Please note if there is a soundtrack present.

The service can transfer approximately 1,600 feet of 8mm or 3,200 feet of 16mm film to one DVD or thumb drive. All you need to do is number your reels of film in the order you wish them to appear and indicate on the order form where you want the titles.

Slide Transfer Information

Slide Scans - 2x2 slides, including 35mm,126mm, or 110mm format, can be scanned with the bulk service. The bulk-scan service is $1 per slide, with a $50 minimum. When you prepare your slides for scanning, if you have Kodak Carousels Trays, either 80 or 140 trays, the slides must pre-loaded to scan in the horizontal position. Otherwise, create stacks of 40 with any loose slides and rubber band each stack securely. There is a $25 fee for every 300 loose not prepared accordingly. Additionally, you can archive the images only on a thumb drive for $19.99.


We now offer slide show videos with some options. These videos can be used anywhere, on YouTube, Facebook, Instagram, or any way you would like to share them. Each service includes a 32 GB thumb drive to archive the video. For more information, please speak with our digital department.

• $70 Pre-made Video: A quick turnaround that doesn’t include music, titles, or basic transitions. *
• $95 Album Video: Uses a template but has more animation variance and music. *
• Dedication Video: A custom presentation that includes some retouch to images. For a quote, please contact our digital imaging department. You can use the following form to start the process.

*Slide show videos can include up to 150 images. Scanning services are extra.

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