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Johnson PhotoImaging has been at the forefront with its photo education programs in Manatee County for since 1999. We offer targeted workshops and classes that take photographic efforts to the next level; whether a beginner or an advanced photographer.

Our instructors are professional in the topics they teach and are up-to-date with the latest industry equipment and techniques. Lifelong hobbies have been established, and careers have launched from our educational programs.

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Scheduled Events

Dates & times posted in print and online are subject to change. JPI reserves the right to reschedule any event or program.


Click on the link in the Class Description section and register via Eventbrite. Registration is also available by calling the store at (941) 896-9921. All educational program fees are due upon registration.


There are no refunds.

Class Durations

Class durations may vary from the designated time, depending on group size and involvement. Each class has an active participation element and expects full interaction with each student. The goal is for everyone to learn, create, and enjoy. All classes and events are scheduled to begin at the start times listed on the individual event page. To ensure the best educational experience, please plan to arrive 15 to 10 minutes early.

Upcoming InFocus Schedule (At a Glance)

• Aug. 18th - 3:00 PM - Docent Tour of the Florida Museum of Photographic Art - SOLD OUT
• Aug. 20th - 6:00 PM - Beyond Camera Basics - $75
• Aug. 27th - 6:00 PM - Working with Flash - $75
• Aug. 28th - 6:30 PM - Olympus User Group - FREE
• Sept. 2nd - Labor Day - Closed for the Holiday
• Sept. 10th - 6:30 PM - Sony Mirrorless User Group - FREE
• Sept. 11th - 6:00 PM - Camera Basics - $75
• Sept. 12th - 10:00 AM - Coffee and Cameras with Olympus - $10
• Sept. 13th & 14th - JPI FALL TRADE IN EVENT
• Sept. 13th - 10:00 AM - Canon Printing Demo - FREE
• Sept. 13th & 14th - Olympus Demo Days
• Sept. 13th - 2:00 PM - Workshop with Don Hamilton, Getting the Image - $99.
• Sept. 14th - 11:00 AM - Workshop with Don Hamilton, Printing the Image - $99.
• Sept. 19th - 6:30 PM - Low Light Group - FREE
• Oct. 25th - 10:00 AM - Receiving for Photo Exhibit - It's a Small World
• Oct. 26th - 10:00 AM - Receiving for Photo Exhibit - It's a Small World
• Oct. 31st - JPI's 20th Anniversary

• Nov. 1st - 2:30 PM - Reception for Photo Exhibit - It's a Small World
• Nov. 10th - Save the Date - Return to Dry Creek.


Camera Basics - A guide through the prime menu & button controls, operations, and workflow. Along with practical tips about using an interchangeable lens system (ILC). What will cover: • Exposure •Composition • Use of Lenses • Subject Development • Creative Thinking • Menu Navigation • Maintenance. FEE $75 - Free* with a camera purchase from JPI. September 11th at 6 PM.

Beyond Camera Basics - Leaving the Automatic Zone,but still, need some help navigating the rules of the photographer's road. JoinSteve and Faith Hutchinson as they guide with shooting techniques. Learning how to shoot in manual working with the exposure triangle (ISO • Aperture •Shutter). Bring an interchangeable lens camera - Mirrorless or D-SLR - with a fully charged battery. FEE $75 - Free* with a camera purchase from JPI. August 20th at 6 PM.

*FREE class with camera purchase from JPI isvalid for either Camera Basics or Beyond Camera Basics. Not for both courses.

Working with Flash - This class will teach the fundamentals of using available light and when to use light modifiers in various photographic situations. Learn how both natural and artificial light will affect the quality of photos. We will also discuss how to use the built-in flash, and the benefits of external flashes, also called speedlights. Fee: $75 - August 27th at 6 PM.

Docent Tour at FMoPA
- The event has reached max capacity. The Florida Museum of Photographic Arts in Tampa has invited the Bradenton JPI Photo Groups for a FREE docent tour of the museum.It usually is $10 for admission. We need to get an accurate headcount if you are coming, please register here. The docent tour is on August 18th at 3 PM. Please give yourself ample time to arrive. If you wish to express your thanks, please feel free to leave a donation for themuseum. Contributions are voluntary and not a requirement. You can find out more about the museum on their web site https://fmopa.org/.

Coffee with Olympus - Register now to learn tips and tricks over coffee with an Olympus trainer. We will take you through the ins and outs of your camera so that you know where everything is! Be sure to charge your battery and bring your lenses! There is a $10 Fee. Please arrive 20 minutes before your appointment, which starts at 10:00 AM, September 12th. Register online only - click here, and pay when you arrive.

Canon Printing Demo - JPI will host a Canon a printer demo Friday, September 13th, from 10 am to 4 pm. Canon Printing Specialist, Pete Wright, returns to JPI and shares his knowledge. Printing demos will be made during the day with imagePROGRAF PRO-2000. Bring your image files on a thumb drive or memory card. Acceptable file types are JPEG or TIFF. First come, first served. No reservations required.

PHOTOGRAPHY WORKSHOPS with Don Hamilton, Jr. - Ambassador and award-winning photographer Don Hamilton will be in our store, talking about printing with Hahnemühle Fine Art Papers.

Getting the Image - Don will spend some time reviewing image capture, discussing equipment, filters, lenses, cameras, and ticks of the trade. Including showing off his inspiring images with commentary on them (there is always a good backstory for his stunning photos). He’ll talk about making the connection from image capture to output. Along with a review of Hahnemühle papers as Don connects the images to the print. September 13th, from 2 pm to 4 pm. FEE $99*

Printing the Image – Don Hamilton, will open a printer and set one up, what to do, and review best practices for getting a printer out of the box to printing. Spending time with papers, looking, touching, and understand the various surfaces base materials. Much deeper than Friday’s review. Then we print! Attendees can bring in an image on a thumb drive or SD card. Files can be JPEG, TIFF, PSD, or RAW. Please have files edited and ready to print. September 14th, from 11 am to 1 pm. FEE $99*

*All attendees will receive a 16x20 print of their image with their choice of in-stock Hahnemühle papers, excluding canvas prints.

The Great Stage Coach Robbery - On November 10th JPI returns to Dry Creek. Dry Creek is a"western town" film set right in our backyard and is very popular with photo enthusiasts. An active film set used in several productions throughout the year. The set has so much to offer, with its rustic western look, backdrops, a full saloon, jail, general store, stables, and much, much more. Stay tuned for additional details. Save the date! Join our mailing list to keep up to date about Dry Creek.


SONY MIRRORLESS USER GROUP - A community of like-minded Sony Enthusiasts that meets regularly. The group is open to photographers interested in Sony’s mirrorless systems. Hosted by Michael Arbor, there are no fees or dues for joining this group. The group relies on the active participation of all attendees. The next meeting is on September 10th at 6:30 PM.

OLYMPUS USERS GROUP - The Group is open to the public and photographers interested in Olympus micro 4/3 mirrorless systems. Lead by Steve & Faith Hutchinson, Olympus Ambassadors, and Workshop Partners. There are no fees or dues for joining this group. However, some group activities have fees. The group meets once a month on the 4th Wednesday of the month. The next meeting is on Wednesday, August 28th at 6:30 PM.

LOW LIGHT PHOTO GROUP - The Group is open to all interchangeable lens cameras (ILC) users who are interested in Low Light Photography. Hosted by Donovan (Dono) Evans, the group will explore the unique properties of low light photography with presentations and field trips. There are dues for joining this group. However, some group activities have fees. Be sure to subscribe to our email list to be notified of the next upcoming meeting. Meeting Times: The Low Light Group meets bi-monthly. Field Trips and other similar events are scheduled when appropriate. - The next meeting is on Thursday, Sept 19th at 6:30 PM.

Missed a meeting and wished to join one of these groups, register online here to receive future e-mail updates. Group meetings are held at JPI unless otherwise stated.


Schedule a private appointment for personal photography, equipment, and software instruction. Our instructors cover a wide range of topics, photography disciplines, and editing techniques. These appointments are usually very technical about a piece of specific equipment or photo technique. Please bring something to jot down notes. Write down 3 to 5 questions about what you would like to discuss or learn.

Private Camera & Photography Lessons - One on One instruction on how to use your digital camera and create photos is available with our expert instructors.
FEE $90 for 1-Hour. Please charge the camera batteries. It is recommended to bring a memory card that is empty or contains no significant pictures or videos.
Date & Times - You can schedule an appointment Monday through Friday at 6:00 PM through the end of August. Register online or call JPI at (941)-896-9921. Some Saturdays are available, call the store to schedule.

Private Lessons in Lightroom Workflow* - Lightroom is a powerful tool for the photographer. It is an organizer, editor, and can output creative works in a myriad of ways. Whether you’re a beginner looking for a solid foundation in importing, organizing, and editing; or an experienced user wanting to explore new options to augment your workflow, our instructors have the experience to guide you. Each One on One lesson builds around the student’s needs.
Fee: $90 - Bring your camera and your laptop. Fully charge all devices for the class. All software, before the start of the course, must be already installed.
Date & Times - You can schedule an appointment Monday through Friday at 1:00 PM through the end of August. However, if you would prefer another time during the week, please contact Mike Faron at JPI - (941)-896-9921. There are no appointments available during the weekend.

Private Photoshop Editing Lessons* - Our expert graphic artists can give guidance through many topics like - image compositing, color corrections, working in layers, digital asset management, advanced operations, selection tools, basic editing settings, and much more. Although this usually is for 1-hour, extra time is available at the hourly rate.
FEE $90 - All software, before the start of the course, must be already installed.
Date & Times - You can schedule an appointment Monday through Friday at 11:00 AM or 3:00 PM through the end of August. However, if you would prefer another time during the week, please contact our Graphics Department at JPI - (941)-896-9921. No appointments are available for the weekend.

*Base level knowledge of your computer's filing system, storage locations, and operational shortcuts will go a long way towards enhancing your experience in this course and with your computer system.


Johnson PhotoImaging is sponsoring a juried photography exhibit at the Senior Friendship Center in Sarasota, 1888 Brother Geenen Way, Sarasota, FL 34236. The show will run from Nov 1st to Dec 5th. The exhibit is open to all JPI customers, InFocus students and other participants showcasing their recent photography work. The title for the exhibit is "It's a Small World." The theme implies an emphasis on close-up or macro photography, however it is open to interpretation.

First Place - $200
Second place - $100
Third Place - $50

Plus a $50 Viewer's Choice Award to be selected day of the reception.

ENTRY FEE - $8 per piece due upon receiving. Entry Fees are non refundable. You can submit up to six entries. Each work must be unique & be mounted on a 16" x 20" inch black board no more than 3/16" thick. Prints sizes can be between 12"x12" to 16" x 20". Any work that fails to follow this will be disqualified. There are no refunds. Do NOT add any hanging device on the back. Photographer must present the work finished and ready to be displayed at time of drop off.

Click here for official rules and requirements.

Important Dates:
Receiving - October 25th & 26th at JPI.
Reception - November 1st from 2:00 PM to 4:00 PM at SFC.
Pick Up Work - Dec. 11th - Dec. 14th at JPI.

For additional questions email us here or call the store, (941) 896-9921. Ask for Dono. Good luck!

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