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Johnson PhotoImaging has been at the forefront with its photo education programs in Manatee County for since 1999. We offer targeted workshops and classes that take photographic efforts to the next level; whether a beginner or an advanced photographer.

Our instructors are professional in the topics they teach and are up-to-date with the latest industry equipment and techniques. Lifelong hobbies have been established, and careers have launched from our educational programs.

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Photography Classes

upcoming Classes & Events

From JPI InFocus

upcoming Classes & Events

From JPI InFocus

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Scheduled Events

Dates & times posted in print and online are subject to change. JPI reserves the right to reschedule any event or program.


Click on the link in the Class Description section and register via Eventbrite. Registration is also available by calling the store at (941) 896-9921. All educational program fees are due upon registration.


There are no refunds. Outside events are rain or shine.

Class Durations

Class durations may vary from the designated time, depending on group size and involvement. Each class has an active participation element and expects full interaction with each student. The goal is for everyone to learn, create, and enjoy. All classes and events are scheduled to begin at the start times listed on the individual event page. To ensure the best educational experience, please plan to arrive 15 to 10 minutes early.

Upcoming InFocus Schedule (At a Glance)

• Jan. 21st - 6:30 PM - Sony Mirrorless User Group - FREE

• Jan. 22nd - 6:30 PM - Olympus User Group - FREE

• Jan. 23rd - 5:30 PM - Low Light Photo Group – FREE

• Jan. 28th - 6:00 PM - Working with Flash - $75

• Jan. 29th - 6:00 PM - Editing Night Landscapes - $55

• Jan. 30th - 6:00 PM - Compositional Elements - $75

• Feb. 1st - 9:00 AM - Camera Basics - $75

• Feb. 4th - 6:00 PM - Beyond Camera Basics - $75

• Feb. 9th - 9:30 AM - MeetUp at Bok Tower - FREE*

• Feb. 18th - 6:00 PM - How to Take Better Portraits - $95

• March 7th - 9:00 AM - Camera Basics - $75

• March 13th & 14th - Olympus MeetUp at Grand Prix - St. Pete- FREE*

• March 17th - 6:00 PM - Beyond Camera Basics - $75

• March 20th & 21st - JPI Trade-In Event - Save the Dates!

• March 21st - 9:30 PM - Milky Way Over Big Cypress - $135

• March 28th - 7:00 AM - SeaScapes with Mark Cohen - $75

*Admissions are not included.


Camera BasicsA guide through the primary menu & button controls, operations, and workflow for your interchangeable lens system (ILC) - Mirrorless or D-SLR cameras. What will be covered: • Exposure • Composition • Use of Lenses • Subject Development • Creative Thinking • Menu Navigation • Maintenance. FEE $75 - *Free with a camera purchase from JPI February 1st and March 7th.

Beyond Camera Basics - Leaving the Automatic Zone, but still need some help navigating the rules of the photographer's road. Join Steve and Faith Hutchinson as they guide with shooting techniques. Learning how to shoot in manual working with the exposure triangle (ISO • Aperture •Shutter). Bring any interchangeable lens camera - Mirrorless or D-SLR - with a fully charged battery. FEE $75 - *Free with a camera purchase from JPI• February 4th and March 17th at 6 PM.

*FREE class with camera purchase from JPI is valid for either Camera Basics or Beyond Camera Basics. Not for both courses.

Working with Flash - This class will teach the fundamentals of using available light and when to use light modifiers in different photographic situations. We will also discuss how to use the built-in flash and the benefits of external flashes, also called speedlights. What will be covered: • Using the Flash • Using Natural Light • Lighting, your subject • Exposure Settings • Composition • Creative Thinking • Light modifiers• Expansion & Compression. FEE $75  January 28th at 6 PM.

Editing Night Landscapes - Learn how to edit the Milky Way and other nightscapes. Join Foto Dono as he goes in-depth on his editing techniques from A to Z. He'll go over equipment choices and camera settings. He'll be showing how he edits the RAW data to remove heavy light pollution. He'll finish off in preparing the file to be printed and displayed. What will be covered: exposure • RAW vs. JPEG • transferring image files from the camera to the computer • file organization • proper file back-ups • post-processing • software programs • camera equipment • printing solutionsFEE: $55 - Bring one unedited file of your night sky images - RAW or JPEG to share with the class. • January 29th at 6:00 PM.

Compositional Elements - The composition is the primary tool for every photography in creating visually compelling photographs. It is more than having a "good eye." You will learn "the rules" of composition – a critical element for great photos. We will look at examples of successful pieces and discuss how these elements apply in our photography. In this class, we will discuss the Rule of Thirds, Geometry & Lines, Colors, Shapes, Patterns, Framing, and more. FEE $75 • January 30th at 6:00 PM.

MeetUp at Bok Tower - Join Foto Dono for a stroll through one of Florida’s best-kept secrets, Bok Tower Gardens in Lake Wales, Florida. Bok Tower, a carillon bell tower built in 1929, is a national historic landmark surrounded by a contemplative and informal woodland setting offering a series of romantic recesses and tranquil resting spots, picturesque vistas and breathtaking views of the singing tower. An excellent opportunity to create unique landscapes and macro images. Garden admissions not included in this event. FEE-FREE • February 9th at 9:30 AM - Gratuities are encouraged for MeetUp leader. Tipping is a personal choice and at your discretion.

How to Take Better Portraits - This workshop will introduce the fundamentals of portrait photography, including recommended camera settings, lighting demonstrations, and simple posing techniques. Students will have hands-on shooting time in the photo studio with a live model* to practice what they've learned. What will be covered: • Focal Length • Use of Lenses • Subject Development • Creative Thinking • Using the Flash • Lighting your subject • Expansion & Compression • Light Modifiers. The class is for either a D-SLR or Mirrorless camera user. FEE $95 • February 18th at 6:00 PM.

MeetUp at the Grand Prix - MeetUp with JPI and Olympus at the Firestone Grand Prix of St. Pete. Look for the Olympus Tent! JPI and Olympus will be there to answer questions and loan out camera gear! Olympus Tent will be in the tent area within the Grandstand. They recommend purchasing Paddock and Pit Passes for access. Tickets are available from Grand Prix - Website and at the Box Office. For tickets go to http://gpstpete.com/. MeetUp times will be modified as we get closer to the Grand Prix. - March 13th and 14th.

Milky Way Over Big Cypress - Learn how to create Panoramic images of the Milky Way. In March, the Milky Way will present itself with a panoramic view in the early morning sky. One of the best places to view and photograph it is around the Florida Everglades. A favorite spot for many Astrophotographers. Join Foto Dono between March 21st and 22nd in Everglades City for an opportunity to photograph the night sky. The class is limited to ten people. FEE: $135. What's Included: Camera Settings • Creating Panoramics • Composition • Instruction • field trip • an afternoon class learning how to edit & process the photos from start to finish. Not included: Lodging • transportation • food.

SeaScapes with Mark Cohen - Follow along with acclaimed photographer Mark Cohen on an exciting field trip to a South Florida fishing village with endless possibilities to photograph unique images of various seascapes. Capture views of the bay, docks, boats, a net camp, reflections, traps, buoys, and many other natural scenes, including birds and local wildlife. He will be sharing his vast knowledge of photography with all attendees and answer questions about scenic and landscape photography. It is an early morning class intended to capture the subtleties of light and color set to the natural background of the Cortez Fishing Village. FEE $75 • March 28th at 7:00 AM.


SONY MIRRORLESS USER GROUP - A community of like-minded Sony Enthusiasts that meets regularly. The group is open to photographers interested in Sony’s mirrorless systems. Hosted by Michael Arbor, there are no fees or dues for joining this group. The group relies on the active participation of all attendees. The next meeting is on Tuesday, January 21st at 6:30 PM.

OLYMPUS USERS GROUP - The Group is open to the public and photographers interested in Olympus micro 4/3 mirrorless systems. Lead by Steve & Faith Hutchinson, Olympus Ambassadors, and Workshop Partners. There are no fees or dues for joining this group. However, some group activities have fees. The group meets once a month on the 4th Wednesday of the month. The next meeting is on Wednesday, January 22nd at 6:30 PM.

LOW LIGHT PHOTO GROUP - The Low Light Group is open to all interchangeable lens cameras (ILC) - Mirrorless or DSLR - users who are interested in Low Light Photography. Hosted by Donovan (Dono) Evans, the group will explore the unique properties of low light photography with presentations and field trips. There are no fees or dues for joining this group. However, some group activities have fees. The group relies on the active participation of all attendees. Meeting Times: The Low Light Group meets bi-monthly. Field trips and other similar events are scheduled when appropriate. If you have any questions, you can email Dono at dono@jpiphoto.com - The next meeting for the Low Light Photo Group will be a photo walk along Downtown Bradenton. Will will meet across from the Lost Kangaroo Pub. The photo walk will give the group a chance to put into practice our photo skills. Dono will be there to answer questions and move you along. Thursday, Januray 23rd at 5:30 PM.

Missed a meeting and wished to join one of these groups, register online here to receive future e-mail updates. Group meetings are held at JPI unless otherwise stated.


Schedule a private appointment for personal photography, equipment, and software instruction. Our instructors cover a wide range of topics, photography disciplines, and editing techniques. These appointments are usually very technical about a piece of specific equipment or photo technique. Please bring something to jot down notes. Write down 3 to 5 questions about what you would like to discuss or learn.

Camera & Photography Lessons - One on One instruction on how to use your digital camera and create photos is available with our expert instructors.
FEE $90 for 1-Hour. Please charge the camera batteries. It is recommended to bring a memory card that is empty or contains no significant pictures or videos.
Date & Times - You can schedule an appointment Monday through Friday at 6:00 PM through the end of September. Register online or call JPI at (941)-896-9921. Some Saturdays are available, call the store to schedule.


Lessons in Lightroom* - Lightroom is a powerful tool for the photographer. It is an organizer, editor, and can output creative works in a myriad of ways. Whether you’re a beginner looking for a solid foundation in importing, organizing, and editing; or an experienced user wanting to explore new options to augment your workflow, our instructors have the experience to guide you. Each One on One lesson builds around the student’s needs.
Fee: $90 - Bring your camera and your laptop. Fully charge all devices for the class. All software, before the start of the course, must be already installed.
Date & Times - You can schedule an appointment online Monday through Friday at 1:00 PM through the end of September. However, if you would prefer another time during the week, please contact Mike Faron at JPI - (941)-896-9921. There are no appointments available during the weekend.

Photoshop Editing Lessons* - Our expert graphic artists can give guidance through many topics like - image compositing, color corrections, working in layers, digital asset management, advanced operations, selection tools, basic editing settings, and much more. Although this usually is for 1-hour, extra time is available at the hourly rate.
FEE $90 - All software, before the start of the course, must be already installed.
Date & Times - You can schedule an appointment online Monday through Friday at 11:00 AM or 3:00 PM through the end of September. However, if you would prefer another time during the week, please contact our Graphics Department at JPI - (941)-896-9921. No appointments are available for the weekend.

*Base level knowledge of your computer's filing system, storage locations, and operational shortcuts will go a long way towards enhancing your experience in this course and with your computer system.

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