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Johnson PhotoImaging has been at the forefront with its photo education programs in Manatee County since 1999. We offer targeted workshops and classes that take your photographic efforts to the next level; whether you are a beginner or advanced photographer.

Our professional instructors are experienced in the topics they teach, and are up-to-date with the latest industry equipment and techniques. Lifelong hobbies have been established and careers have been launched from our educational programs.

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Scheduled Events

Dates & times posted in print and online are subject to change. JPI reserves the right to reschedule any event or program.


There is online registration via Eventbrite at www.jpiinfocus.eventbrite. You can also call the store at (941) 896-9921 or stop on in. All educational programs fees are due when you register.


There are no refunds.

Class Durations

Class durations may vary, from the designated time - depending on group size, and group involvement. Each class has an active participation element and expects full interaction with each student. The goal is for everyone to learn, create and enjoy. All classes and events are scheduled to begin at the start times listed on the individual event page. To ensure the best education experience, please plan to arrive 15 to 10 minutes early.

Upcoming InFocus Schedule (At a Glance)

· March 21st - @ 8:00 PM - Fire and Light: Light Painting Workshop - $75
· March 22nd & 23rd - Canon Users Venice Rookery Field Trip - FREE
· March 24th - @ 5:00 PM - Macro Photo Walk - $75
· March 26th - @ 6pm - Working with Lightroom - $75
· March 27th - @ 6:30 - Olympus User Group Meeting - FREE
· April 9th - 6:30 PM - Sony User Group Meeting - FREE
· April 12th & 13th - Bikini Boot Camp with David Guy Maynard -
$299 Early Registration. $349.99 After March 12th
· April 16th - @ 6:00 PM - Using Aperture - $75
· April 23rd - @ 6:00 PM - Shutter Speed - Stop That! - $75
· April 27th - @ 9:00 AM - Camera Basics - $75
· April 28th - @ 4:30 PM - Burrowing Owl Photo Field Trip - FREE
· April 30th - @ 6:00 PM - Working with Flash - $75


Camera Basics - A guide through the basic menu & button controls, operations and workflow. Along with practical tips about your new interchangeable lens system (ILC). FEE $75 - Free with your camera purchase from JPI. April 27th @ 9AM.

Fire and Light - Light Painting Workshop - Creating images with light or light painting is a unique and popular form of photography. It's moving a light source while taking a long exposure photograph, either to illuminate a subject or space. All you need is an interchangeable lens camera (ILC), a tripod and a remote switch. The workshop will get you out of the "auto" zone of your camera. Photographer David Frayer will lead you along with model & photographer Kat Fodor through your camera settings and allow you to create memorable images. The workshop is for all levels of photographers. FEE $75 - March 21st @ 8PM.

Canon User Group Field Trip and Class - The JPI Canon User Group will be heading to the Venice Area Audubon Rookery. Plus, Canon Specialist Jeff Leimbach will be there to answer questions about equipment and photography.

Friday March 22nd - Meet at the Venice Rookery 7:00 AM - Early Birds get the best photos! Bring your Canon ILC (interchangeable lens camera) a decent telephoto (300mm). Unless it rains then we will shoot on Saturday the 23rd at 7:30 AM

Saturday March 23rd - Meet at Johnson PhotoImaging at 12:00 PM. Jeff will be holding his class "This Is How I Would Do It." Bring up to 5 of your favorite JPEG birding images on a thumb drive or memory card. Jeff will critique them on for composition and such. Jeff will also be in the store doing demos throughout the day Friday and Saturday. This is a FREE event. Sign up here

Macro Photo Photo Walk - Discover the world of Macro Photography. Join JPI for a macro photo walk to Palma Sola Botanical Park. You'll wander through the 10 acre lush tranquil gardens around the three lakes. Armed with a macro lens, a tripod and a water bottle, you'll explore the ability to make photographs of small items larger than life size. This is for all levels of photographers on practical macro tips on equipment, composition and depth-of-field. Field Trip Fee – $75 -  30% of the fee is to be donated to the park. March 24th @ 5PM

Working with Lightroom - Adobe’s Lightroom software has a unique set of tools that is very popular among photographers. Primarily a multi-level organizer, it also has simple but powerful editing tools for the dedicated photographer. Join Mike Faron, as he walks you through various steps to enhance your photography experience. The class is limited to 6 students and runs 2 hours approximately.Bring your fully charged laptop with a copy of Lightroom. Fee $75 - March 26th @ 6PM

Bikini Boot Camp with David Guy Maynard - In this lively 8+ Hour Workshop, you will not only learn straight forward, useful information for taking better beach photos, but for taking better photos in general. An understanding of light and the proper tools are essential. David's approach to these is simple, straight forward, and stresses minimum gear & maximum results. From 6 to 8 PM on Friday 4/12/19, David will offer a classroom style presentation covering tools and techniques to produce stunning beach photos. Then from 6:30 AM to 9:30 AM on Saturday 4/13/19, with guidance and coaching from David, the group will shoot with Bikini models at Coquina beach through sunrise, and again at 5:30 PM through sunset. Learn to overcome and balance harsh sunlight, and achieve magazine quality photos the easy way. Bring your Cameras and gear! Note: there will be some very cool lenses and lights on hand for you to try out! We will meet back at the store at 1 PM Saturday for a lunch, mingle, and Q&A session.

Friday, April 12th - Classroom style seminar at the store from 6 PM to 8 PM
Saturday, April 13th - Hands on shoot at Coquina Beach. 6:30 to 9:30 AM
Saturday, April 13th  - 1:00 PM at JPI for Q&A Session (Lunch will be provided)
Saturday, April 13th - Hands on shoot at Coquina Beach. 5:30 PM through sunset

Early Registration $299.99 - Early Bird Registration ends March 12th
General Admission$349.99

Using Aperture - What the f/Stop!? - In this class, we will be examining one element of the exposure triangle. We will begin with a classroom presentation that will explain how we can use aperture to control depth of field, or to control more or less light through the lens.Following, students will have the opportunity to test their understanding of concepts by experimenting with aperture in the studio. FEE $75 - April 16th @ 6PM

Shutter Speed: Stop That! Shutter speed can freeze action, or create motion blur, depending on the setting that is used. In this class, we will begin with a classroom presentation which will explain how shutter speed (or time value) can be used effectively.  Then apply those concepts they’ve learned in the studio. FEE $75 - April 23rd @ 6PM

Burrowing Owl - Photo Feild Trip - Join JPI down in Cape Coral to photograph the Burrowing Owls. Burrowing Owls are small, sandy colored owls with bright-yellow eyes. They live underground in burrows they’ve dug themselves or taken over from a prairie dog, ground squirrel, or tortoise. They live in grasslands, deserts, and other open habitats, where they hunt mainly insects and rodents. They live there all year round, usually nesting around March. Between April and June the chicks are born. They soon learn to stick their heads out of their burrows. Hopefully we will see a few of these on this trip. This is a FREE event. - April 28th @ 4:30PM

Working With Flash - This class will teach the fundamentals of using available light and when to use light modifiers in various photographic situations. Learn how both natural and artificial light will affect the quality of your photos. We will also discuss how to use built-in flash and the benefits of external flashes, also called speedlights. Following the classroom  instruction, students will try out some flashes and techniques in the studio. Fee $75 -  April 30th @ 6PM


SONY MIRRORLESS USER GROUP - A community of like-minded Sony Enthusiasts that meets on a regular basis. The group is open to photographers interested in Sony’s mirrorless systems. Hosted by Michael Arbor, the group will explore the exciting world of Sony. There are no fees or dues for joining this group. The group relies on the active participation from all attendees. The next meeting is April 9th @ 6:30 PM.

OLYMPUS USERS GROUP - The Group is open to the public and photographers interested in Olympus micro 4/3 mirrorless systems. Hosted by Steve & Faith Hutchinson, Olympus Ambassadors and Workshop Partners. For more info about them go to OurPhotoTribe.com. There are no fees or dues for joining this group, however some group activities have fees. The group meets once a month on the 4th Wednesday of the month. The next meeting is Wednesday, March 27th @ 6:30 PM.

LOW LIGHT PHOTO GROUP - The Group is open to all interchangeable lens cameras (ILC) users who are interested in Low Light Photography. Hosted by Donovan (Dono) Evans, the group will explore the unique properties of low light photography with presentations and field trips. There are no fees or dues for joining this group, however some group activities have fees. The group relies on the active participation from all attendees. Be sure to subscribe to our email list to be notified of the next upcoming meeting. the meeting is Thursday, May 16th @ 6:30 PM. You can read the latest Low Light Photo Group newsletter here.

If you missed a meeting and wish to join one these groups, click here. You can register your email to receive future email updates. Meetings are normally held at JPI.


A private appointment for personal photography, equipment and software instruction can be arranged. Our instructors cover a wide range of topics, photography disciplines and editing techniques.

Our expert graphic artist and photo educators can guide you through many topics like - image compositing, color corrections, working in layers, digital asset management, advanced operations, selection tools, basic editing settings and much more.

Although this is normally for 1-hour, additional time can be arranged at the hourly rate. There is only one ticket per person for each available time slot. The appointments are on a first come first served basis. Call the store at (941) 896-9921 to schedule or register online.

FEE $90 for 1-hour

Camera Lessons - Things to do before your appointment - Please be sure your camera batteries are charged. It is recommended to bring a memory card that is empty or contains no important pictures or videos. These appointments are usually very technical about a specific equipment or photo technique. Please bring something to jot down notes. It is recommended that your write down 3 to 5 questions about what you would like discuss or learn.

Computer Photo Editing Lessons - Things to do before your appointment - Please be sure your lap top is charged. These appointments are usually very technical about a specific program. Please bring something to jot down notes. It is recommended that your write down 3 to 5 questions about what you would like discuss or learn prior to your appointment. Most software uses the computer operating system as the basis for the applications uses. Having a base knowledge of shortcut keys and the computer’s filing system help you better understand the software’s features and functions. Please be sure the correct software is installed before your appointment.

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