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Gather up your old family photos, whether they're in boxes, albums, or frames, and bring them in to JPI where we will scan them to thumb drive for you

Why should I have my prints digitized?

  • Prints last 5 to 50 years, depending on the paper type. The thumb drive is the perfect archiving solution with today's technology. Optionally you can choose to archive your memories to a DVD.
  • Digital images are easy to share! You can order additional prints, have your photos restored, make a photo book, e-mail them to friends/ family, or upload your photos to social networking sites like Facebook or Instagram.

Why scan in bulk?

  • Individual scans are as low as $3.00 per image, plus the cost of the archive media.
  • However "Shoebox" scans for first 300 prints are $99.99 and 25¢ for each additional print.
  • The cost of the thumb drive is included! Video and restoration services are additional.
Scanning Services

Preparing Your Order

  • Gather your photos and remove them from their albums and frames.
  • Photos must be between 2"x3" and 8"x10."
  • Photographs not included with bulk scanning - odd sizes, fragile photos, unusually thick, or with a sticky back.
  • Any images with copyright must have a written release at the time of dropping off the order.
  • If there is a sequence, please pack accordingly with no loose prints. Otherwise, please organize by size and orientation.

Please note

  • All photos are scanned at 300 PPI, auto-rotated and auto-enhanced.
  • Your treasured prints are all scanned at JPI. We DO NOT mail your prints to a third party!
  • Double sided scanning is available for an additional charge.
  • Cost of prints, photo books, or any photo restoration work is not included, but available for an additional charge. Please ask for details. JPI DOES NOT ACCEPT COPYRIGHTED MATERIALS.

Additional Print Scanning Services

Prints up to 8x10 are $3.00 Each

11x14 Print Scans are $25.00 Each

12x18 Prints Scans are $45.00 Each

Larger than 12x18 Print Scanning $65

Album Page Scans are $20.00 per page. Album scans are done in-house and never sent away. Perfect for the old photo scrapbooks or photos mounted on non-magnetic pages. Sometimes there is the fear of causing additional damage to a photograph if you remove it. The whole album page can be scanned, and individual images created for each picture on the page. All photos are then auto-rotated and auto-enhanced. It is $20.00 per page to scan. You can archive them a 32 GB thumb drive for $19.99. The minimum for this service is $60.00.

We can also photograph your 2-D, 3D or other odd sized prints and artwork. Those are photographed in the studio. Please call for pricing and to make an appointment for this service. (941) 896-9921.

negatives & transparencies

35mm Slides or Negatives$2.50 Each

Medium Format$8.00 Each ($40 Min)

APS-C film catridge$20.00 per roll

4x5 & 8x10 Sheet Film$20.00 Each

110 Film and 126 Film     $5.00 Each ($30 Min)

Thumb Drive$19.99 Each

Contact Sheet$15.00 Each

Bulk Scanning 35mm Slides

Bulk scanning 35mm slides are $49.99 for the first 30 slides on a USB thumb drive and $1.00 for each additional slide.

When you prepare your slides for scanning, if you have Kodak Carousels Trays, either 80 or 140 trays, the slides must pre-loaded to scan in the horizontal position.

Slides in Non-Kodak Carousels should be removed and placed in stacks of 40 with any loose slides and rubber band each stack securely. There is a $25 fee for every 300 for slides not prepared accordingly. Each additional thumb drive is $19.99 each.

35mm Bulk Slides are saved at approximately 4000x2664 at 180 PPI. Some clipping may occur to crop out slide mount.

We can scan negatives and transparencies, B&W or Color from sub-miniature sizes to other large film formats at various resolutions call store for pricing. All files created are JPG. Higher resolution scans and other file types are available for an additional fee, ask for details.

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