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Field Trips & Special Events

Throughout the year, we have special events and field trips. The following is a list of our most popular events that occur every year and sometimes twice. Each event or field trip is a unique experience. All levels of photography enthusiasts image creators are welcome. Whether you are looking to add to your portfolio, looking to pick up some unique skills or simply to shoot with other photographers you are certain to enjoy these experiences. Make sure to join our mailing list to keep up to date of all our adventures.


Dates, Times and online registration for classes are listed at Otherwise contact the store directly via email @ or call (941) 896-9921 to register.



*These fields trip are dependent on weather.


Follow along with acclaimed photographer Mark Cohen on two exciting field trips to Cortez Fishing Village and around the Myakka River.


SeaScapes - Join Mark at Cortez Fishing Village, a South Florida fishing village with endless possibilities to photograph unique images of various seascapes. Capture views of the bay, docks, boats, a net camp, reflections, traps, buoys and many other natural scenes, including birds and local wildlife.


RiverScapes - Explore the Myakka River with Mark. This area is one of the few spots were the animals have no boundaries. The landscape and the river controls what you will discover.


He will be sharing his vast knowledge of photography with all attendees and answer questions about scenic and landscape photography. These early morning classes are intended to capture the subtleties of light and color set to the natural background of both settings.


Meeting Place - Attendees will be notified by email of the meeting place for each event.


Running Time: 2.5 hours - The duration may vary, somewhat, from the designated time - depending on group size, and group involvement. The class has an active participation part and expects full interaction with each student. The goal is for everyone to learn, create and enjoy.


Refunds - This is a rain or shine event. However, If the event is cancelled and cannot be rescheduled, then a refund will be issued.


Equipment - These are dependent on weather. So, come prepared. Bring bug spray, water, and a good pair of walking shoes. Recommended camera gear - tripod, a camera with manual settings, ND filters, circular polarizer. Lens recommendations - a decent wide-angle, a moderate telephoto and filters. Variable lenses that have an effective focal length between 28-300 are an excellent compromise. This is an opportunity to stretch your skills with your current gear and see what you can create.


Register now or Call Johnson PhotoImaging (941) 896-9921.


Admission Fee: $95 for either SeaScapes or RiverScapes. Each field trip is limited to 10 participants.






Saturday, March 18th, 2017

7:00 AM

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Saturday, March 27th, 2017

7:00 AM

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Low Light Excursions

*This field trip is dependent on weather.


Photographing the Milky Way isn't as tough as it seems. It just requires the right equipment and patience. Foto Dono will be leading several field trips around the Gulf Coast throughout the year. Photographing the Milky Way anywhere along the Gulf has its challenges, mainly because of light pollution. However most of the shooting will be at the beach or similar spots.


The main goal for the field trip is to provide an experience in creating a single shot exposure or multiple exposures for stacking of the night sky. These images will need to be processed in post with Lightroom, Photoshop or other editing software. However, most locations could provide other opportunities to create images in Low Light with interesting landscapes. You will need a sense of adventure for one of these excursions.


Where & When - Locations and times are changing depending on conditions. For the latest excursion info and for what to expect, subscribe to our InFocus Email list to be notified of dates & times. Current Plans are for late March or April.


Admission Fee: $29


Refunds - If the event is cancelled then a refund will be issued. However, there are no refunds if the Milky Way isn't visible due to cloud cover. This is a low light field trip with an opportunity to photograph the Milky Way. Dono can’t guarantee the Milky Way will be visible. That is not one of his super powers.


Any questions - call Dono (941) 896-9921 or email him at



Milky Way photographed at the Venice Fishing Pier - July 17th 2016. Equipment used – Nikon D610, Nikon 24mm 1.4. Exposure is 30 seconds, f1.4, ISO 1600.




*This field trip is dependent on weather.



Join JPI in welcoming back Hector Parayuelos, Sony Photo Specialist. He will be headlining our latest adventure to Dry Creek


This is a popular event with our photo enthusiasts. Dry Creek is a "western town" is right in our own backyard and it's an exciting place to photograph. Dry Creek has so much to offer with its rustic western look and backdrops for one-of-a-kind action and scenic photography


This is perfect time to get some hands-on experience with a Sony Specialist. Don't own a Sony Mirrorless camera, but want to try one out? No worries, Hector will be bringing a limited amount of Sony lenses and bodies for you to try during the event.


Don't miss this opportunity for fun and photography as unique as the old town called Dry Creek. This event is with the current Sony line up of Mirrorless Systems.


This event is limited to 15 people.


Running time is approximately 2 hours. Duration may vary, somewhat, from the designated time - depending on group size, and group involvement. The class has an active participation part and expects full interaction with each student. The goal is for everyone to learn, create and enjoy.


Where - 2405 N Rye Road, Parrish, FL - Participants will be emailed driving directions within 48 hours of the event. The site is not open to the public.


What to bring? Bring only what you can carry. Dry Creek is a dusty and sometimes muddy place. Wear sensible shoes. Bring a flash light. Have you ever noticed it's hard to find a black lens cap in the dark? Bring bottled water because Dry Creek is dry. There are limited bathroom facilities located on site. It might get chilly so please check the weather before you head out. Since you are out in nature, bring bug spray to keep nature's pest at bay. Bring a tripod if you have one with the quick release plate. Don't forget your memory card.


This event is for Sony Camera Enthusiasts Only. If you require a loaner camera, please contact the store before the event to let us know. Hector will have a limited amount of gear. Be prepared to share.


Admission Fee: FREE - As a general rule models are usually tipped for their services and would be appreciated. Tipping is a personal choice and at your discretion. There will be 2 to 3 models dressed in costume for this event.






Friday March 3, 2017

5:15 PM

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